Ryan Ozimek, CEO, Soapbox Engage
Twitter: @cozimek

“In a world where blogs are like fast food, The Data Are Alright is like a sit down meal, full of fresh content and new ideas.”

Abby Waldorf, Repair the World: Detroit fellow (2018)

“I just read your post about #WeWillNotBeErased and I found it to be very thought provoking and hopeful.  I have a whole new perspective on data as a route for change making.”

Joe Soloman
Formerly: 350.org, Power Shift Network, & GlobalZero.org
Contributor: The Most Amazing Online Organizing Guide Ever (from Green Memes and pals)

“Everybody knows social media but so few know data. Samantha is willing to get into the trenches with you to find more graceful, effective ways to track and mobilize donors and doers. If your world is in a data knot, first off – you’re not alone. Second, Samantha will help you explore best practices and other case examples for how people have solved this problem before. And if your problem is wholly new, Samantha will still offer the insights and innovative thinking to find a way through. Plus, Samantha’s calm and reassuring approach makes things so much easier — like your new best friend is all of a sudden a data whiz and totally has your back.”