Freedom fighter AND operations mastermind? These are behind-the-scenes stories of changemakers (and their systems) who kept “this little light of mine on” during the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. Calling all database admins, data entry mavens, lawyers, accountants, secretaries, treasurers, ghost writers, graphic designers, and activists who never laid hands on a megaphone. This series is for you!

from bus boycott to badass bureaucracy

The Montgomery Boycott lasted 382 days – and throughout that time, staff and volunteer leaders coordinated intricate carpools with 32 different stops, shepherding 40,000 people to their destinations. I want to learn the story of how they orchestrated such a sophisticated system, so I’m following a breadcrumb trail, and I’m going to share some of that story with you here.

care work is system thinking

A new take on the Civil Rights Movement that centers women and reproductive justice. A badass crew of ordinary chefs take the Montgomery bus boycott by storm. And a skeevy dude becomes a famous Lefty (?) for being a mail appeal expert. All that, and more…

bread scare: the story of Jack O’Dell and resourcing the SCLC

Stanley Levison and Jack O’Dell were operations masterminds, fundraising trailblazers, and behind-the-scenes brains-and-brawn who kept the SCLC afloat during some tough times. And I’m not the only person who thinks so! Yet, these figures loom obscure despite their utter brilliance. Read on to learn the history of SCLC fundraising in the early 60’s.


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