Freedom fighter AND operations mastermind? These are behind-the-scenes stories of changemakers (and their systems) who kept “this little light of mine on” during the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. Calling all database admins, data entry mavens, lawyers, accountants, secretaries, treasurers, ghost writers, graphic designers, and activists who never laid hands on a megaphone. This series is for you!

did ella baker have a rolodex?

Ella Baker, brilliant organizer and relationship builder, must have kept a list of names and addresses – but exactly where and how are still a mystery. Musings on this and much more about Ella Baker’s legacy (including some primary source documents!).

behind the seen

This catapulted Mrs. Dungee beyond simple accounting and into visionary/badass/changemaker territory. And of course – underscores lessons that I’m learning more and more every day – there is no such thing as “back office” in social movement organizations. All of our grievances – and all of our work – are connected.

unsung heroes of a singing movement

In the latest installment of civil writes, mailing lists! solidarity! Angela Davis! and a special appearance by Francois Clemmons!


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