tips of the iceberg

It's rare to see "list-icles" on this blog but I wanted to compile some excellent resources and articles to share with the TDAA community. Stop by for links to beautiful stock photos of people of color, stay for a special segment on "what I'm reading." Plus, more!

mile high dispatch

Update about projects I'm working on at the Open Source Community Sprint in Denver, including "campaign hierarchies" (and why they matter to changemakers) and a nascent project around salary transparency. Plus, thank you to my readers for all of your recent support!

much ado about nothing

Today's post is all about how to find empty cells in your spreadsheet.  You might be giving me a blank stare from behind your computer screen, but if I were you, I wouldn't a-void this post!  #PunsIntended  This post is chock-full of useful tips that you can apply to projects like data cleaning, volunteer on-boarding, and even getting better donation stats.