digital self care vol iv

If I had taken my own advice, I would have thought, "tech problems are fixable! I should fix them ASAP so they don't drain my energy, and I get the benefits of having tech that works properly." Of course, I didn't. Read more about why you should invest in your own #DigitalSelfCare

digital self care vol iii

*cue soundtrack from a pharmaceutical commercial*  Has this ever happened to you?  Devices blinking and buzzing.  Email inundation.  Hard drive sounding alarm bells.  *Groan* *Sigh*  It doesn't have to be this way!  Try our silver pill.  Side effects will be extreme, but at least you will achieve digital serenity.  Call today! 

This post features tried and true tips to help you move from information overload to digital serenity. Plus, original art by @shebanimal!

digital self care vol ii

Today, I want to focus on the relationship between you and your hardware.  Another way to say that is I'm going to write about your body and your devices, and what impact your screens might have on your posture, your eyes, your joints, your mood, etc.  In later posts, we'll talk about browser extensions, email etiquette and strategy, and more!