I bring activists and spreadsheets together

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Spreadsheets are the bread and butter of systems for changemakers. I write about accessible tips and tricks for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

civil writes

I write archival profiles of behind the scenes data badasses from the
American Civil Rights Movement.

Dear Spreadsheet Whisperer

Stuck on a thorny formula? CRM breaking your heart? The Spreadsheet Whisperer is here! Write to my advice column and I’ll try to cure what ails you.


I write about my journey learning Salesforce, CumulusCI, Snowfakery, and databases in general.

Conga Composer

I specialize in Mail Merge operations, including Conga Composer. I’m committed to sharing what I’ve learned (for free) with the Community.

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People are not ‘wellbehaved‘ mathematical functions.”

Grace Hopper

We must abolish systems that reduce our humanity, from bad spreadsheets to prisons and ecocide.

I unite my gifts as a spreadsheet whisperer and community organizer to help grassroots organizations build powerful systems – and win.