how? do? you? know?!

Today, I want you to "meet" Septima Clark. When I think about bad ass, behind the scenes, stalwart, visionary, get-shit-done program and operations leaders from freedom movements of the 1960's, I think of her. Part two in my "Civil Writes" series.

in memorial

When I really think about what we face, I feel outraged, exasperated and full of grief and rage. This year, I'm going to infuse my Memorial Day by remembering the people we've lost in the contemporary civil war for dignity, inclusion, and self-determination.

private eye

In which I explore topics like cybersecurity, GDPR, privacy and accountability ... juxtaposed with how and when to collect demographic data. *Content warning* for discussion of sexual violence, im/migration status, and racism.

honoring dr. king

I believe that movement building and smart infrastructure go hand in hand. It's a travesty that in our efforts to re-tell stories about the civil rights movement, we don't share or even necessarily understand how the work actually got done. As we honor Dr. King, let's also honor the invisible labor that make movements thrive.