Google Sheets got you heartbroken?  Did you have a messy breakup with your database?  Does conditional formatting make your cheeks (and your spreadsheet) blush a gentle shade of pink?

Write to me with your data quandaries, gotchas, questions, doubts or fears.  I encourage you to use the classic advice column format, “Dear Spreadsheet Whisperer” and “From… Dateless and Dataless” (but fill in your own!).

By submitting to the Dear Spreadsheet Whisperer advice column, you consent to me using your story in potential future blog posts.  Due to volume, I may not be able to respond to every question.

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    StreetStStrSt.AvenueAveAve. How many different ways can you write an address? Turns out… a LOT. Typically, when I am cleaning address data (yes, that’s something I do quite regularly, what with being a spreadsheet whisperer and all), I am preparing to either (1) upload a single file into an online database or (2) create a mail … Continue reading How to compare addresses
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    What to do when you outgrow your grassroots spreadsheet systems? Try Airtable! It’s flexible, freemium, and fun to use. Oh, and this is #NotAnAd!
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    In this edition of Dear Spreadsheet Whisperer, lessons about how to set up spreadsheets to ask hard questions about racial equity in schools.