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Organizing made me “better” at spreadsheets & spreadsheets make me better at organizing. Let’s build our toolbox together!

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  • volunteer management, civil rights style
    A peak at several ways of organizing real data about volunteers in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement and how to embrace a civil-rights-movement-informed data culture in your work today!
  • love letter to abortion admins
    As we recognize the labor and risk that abortion providers take on, let’s also remember that office managers, fund distributors, advocacy coordinators, digital organizers, and behind the seen admins are also acting with fierce courage and dedication, protected from some types of public scrutiny but slammed by trolls, protesters, and a huge volume of work. … Continue reading love letter to abortion admins
  • smol, medium, large
    Not knowing if a given scenario is easy or hard, or if there’s an easier work-around to avoid a super-hard thing, feeds the overwhelm/impostor machine. It’s so clarifying and liberating to just know what you’re getting yourself into. PLUS, baby animal memes!
  • breadcrumbs trail / matzo meal
    I think it’s a best practice to design ALL spreadsheets as if they will be manipulated by other people, which means leaving a strong “breadcrumbs trail” of your assumptions, formulas, variables, data sources, and more. In my case, it’s a matzo meal trail until tomorrow evening when Passover ends and I will devour pizza with all my might!
  • shape shifter
    From a downloaded file with weird fonts and titles, wacky colors, no wrapped text, superwide columns, and repeating header rows, I was able to create a useable, sortable, shareable, printable, filterable, not-make-you-want-to-throw-your-computer-out-the-window spreadsheet. And you know what the best part is? You can too!
  • facilitation/difficultation
    Introducing two facilitation techniques for helping a group tackle difficult database questions, plus some personal reflection about how I’m showing up as a leader and co-conspirator.