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  • How to make Validation Rules into *Validating* Rules
    The database world is replete with options for “validating” data, but there is a huge missing link in our field, which for me boils down to VALIDATING HUMANS.
  • by the numbers 2021
    How did TDAA do at meeting its goals? How did TDAA compare to statistics from prior years? Lots of juicy metrics and reflection in this end of year round up!
  • How to compare addresses
    StreetStStrSt.AvenueAveAve. How many different ways can you write an address? Turns out… a LOT. Typically, when I am cleaning address data (yes, that’s something I do quite regularly, what with being a spreadsheet whisperer and all), I am preparing to either (1) upload a single file into an online database or (2) create a mail … Continue reading How to compare addresses
  • on gathering (or, what I’m learning as I make mail merge tutorial videos)
    Learning how to share mail merge templates with all of you turns into a reflection on The Art of the Gathering, and digital sharing in general.
  • how to populate multi-select picklists in Google Sheets and Salesforce
    Do you need to edit multi-select picklist values in a Google Sheet and then import them into Salesforce? I have a script to help you transcend the limitations of data validation!
  • how to combine three contact lists
    How to use simple spreadsheet formulas to merge three or more contact lists into one. Useful for data cleanup, data migration, surveys, event management, and email blasts!
  • love letter to abortion admins
    As we recognize the labor and risk that abortion providers take on, let’s also remember that office managers, fund distributors, advocacy coordinators, digital organizers, and behind the seen admins are also acting with fierce courage and dedication, protected from some types of public scrutiny but slammed by trolls, protesters, and a huge volume of work. … Continue reading love letter to abortion admins
  • expand, contract
    Spreadsheets or life-in-general bringing you stress? Here’s a tutorial about how to wrangle your spreadsheets with the “Group Rows” function. Plus, a mindfulness exercise!