Let’s connect on the internet!

I have a good time on Twitter, mostly avoiding arguing with strangers. I usually tweet about Salesforce, blog posts, and intersectional feminism. Follow me here.

My Instagram presence is currently friends only. Send me a request @shaineh.punim if we’re friends in real life!

I use LinkedIn to share my most favorite-ist blogposts and connect with people primarily in the foundations field and Salesforce ecosystem. Connect with me here.

I use Ravelry (though not as much as I should…) to research and share knitting projects. You can find my profile here.

I love reading and find that memoirs, fiction, poetry, and social movement strategy books make me a better writer and problemsolver. I’ve recently started tracking my book reviews and reading list at Goodreads (following along here)

There are a lot of social media/forum platforms for Salesforce folks. I’m most active in the Power of Us Hub (here), but I also have accounts at the Trailblazer Community (here) and, of course, Trailhead (here).