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Salesforce is a wonderfully adaptable platform and with the Power of Us program, 10 licenses are free(ish) for nonprofits. I like to write about my trials, tribulations, and triumphs, as well as contributions to the Salesforce nonprofit and higher ed community.

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  • How to make Validation Rules into *Validating* Rules
    The database world is replete with options for “validating” data, but there is a huge missing link in our field, which for me boils down to VALIDATING HUMANS.
  • on gathering (or, what I’m learning as I make mail merge tutorial videos)
    Learning how to share mail merge templates with all of you turns into a reflection on The Art of the Gathering, and digital sharing in general.
  • how to populate multi-select picklists in Google Sheets and Salesforce
    Do you need to edit multi-select picklist values in a Google Sheet and then import them into Salesforce? I have a script to help you transcend the limitations of data validation!
  • sprint reflections vol ix: laughter
    “At the end of the day, PRs are meaningless to me if we haven’t been laughing.”
  • data viz in salesforce: dashboards or lightning pages?
    When you’re looking to make report charts easily accessible in Salesforce, should you use a dashboard or a Lightning Page?
  • rest for the weary
    I am more likely to use the “phone a friend” or “talk it out” or “start over” method than to truly walk away. But if I let experience be my teacher, I know that taking space from the problem is probably the most effective tool in overcoming stuckness.
  • on jevons’ paradox
    Do good databases save precious time? Let’s see what 19th century British economists (and me) have to say about that! (Spoiler alert: the answer is no)
  • snowfakery till you makery
    Follow along with my first forays into Snowfakery! Warning: Code! Command Line! Im-pasta Syndrome!
  • going with the Flow
    A technical blogpost about learning Salesforce Flows turns into a sappy blogpost about friends and community. Who wouldda thunk it?
  • beginner’s mind
    Learning a bunch of new skills and platforms leads me to reflect on the Zen Buddhist practice of Beginner’s Mind. Plus, 6 new tools I’m learning.