DO Look Up! community review of DLRS Release 2.17

This post fangirls Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary, DLRS, pronounced duh-LOR-us, sort of like your old aunt Dolores. DLRS is a community-resourced app that extends functionality in Salesforce to have more "roll up" or min/max/count/average type fields, respecting relationships between objects. Learn more about DLRS here. Far before the provocative 2021 film, Don't Look Up, Salesforce … Continue reading DO Look Up! community review of DLRS Release 2.17

breadcrumbs trail / matzo meal

I think it's a best practice to design ALL spreadsheets as if they will be manipulated by other people, which means leaving a strong "breadcrumbs trail" of your assumptions, formulas, variables, data sources, and more. In my case, it's a matzo meal trail until tomorrow evening when Passover ends and I will devour pizza with all my might!

encountering a real, live Excel bug

I think I stumbled upon an Excel "bug" (gasp!!) when I was combining SUMIF formulas plus sorting alphabetically. @___@ This is a new one, grasshoppers and honeybees! Sit down, buckle in, and enjoy the ride - we're gonna get technical with some formulas and explore what to do when you get real confused.