DO Look Up! community review of DLRS Release 2.17

This post fangirls Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary, DLRS, pronounced duh-LOR-us, sort of like your old aunt Dolores. DLRS is a community-resourced app that extends functionality in Salesforce to have more "roll up" or min/max/count/average type fields, respecting relationships between objects. Learn more about DLRS here. Far before the provocative 2021 film, Don't Look Up, Salesforce … Continue reading DO Look Up! community review of DLRS Release 2.17

breadcrumbs trail / matzo meal

I think it's a best practice to design ALL spreadsheets as if they will be manipulated by other people, which means leaving a strong "breadcrumbs trail" of your assumptions, formulas, variables, data sources, and more. In my case, it's a matzo meal trail until tomorrow evening when Passover ends and I will devour pizza with all my might!

encountering a real, live Excel bug

I think I stumbled upon an Excel "bug" (gasp!!) when I was combining SUMIF formulas plus sorting alphabetically. @___@ This is a new one, grasshoppers and honeybees! Sit down, buckle in, and enjoy the ride - we're gonna get technical with some formulas and explore what to do when you get real confused.

spreadsheet bliss

Isn't it great when spreadsheets just WORK, making your repetitive tasks faster and more accurate? Here are two examples of spreadsheet tools I've built with a combination of Salesforce exports and spreadsheet prowess. Using them makes me feel proud and blissful!