digital self care vol ii

Today, I want to focus on the relationship between you and your hardware.  Another way to say that is I'm going to write about your body and your devices, and what impact your screens might have on your posture, your eyes, your joints, your mood, etc.  In later posts, we'll talk about browser extensions, email etiquette and strategy, and more!

salesfierce / abolish ice

Join me in calling on Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff to cut the contract with US Customs and Border Protection! In this post... justice initiatives that revolve around Salesforce. Hence, #salesfierce - my take on justice and equity in the Salesforce landscape.

default, not your fault!

Today I wanted to focus on time-saving skills and tricks that will supercharge your spreadsheet powers and save you time.  Understanding and modifying Excel's "default settings" can get you well on your way to a spreadsheet that works for you, instead of the other way around.

home, home on the range

Whether you use spreadsheets for household budgeting, workout routines, live performances of your favorite band, or cross-country road trips - many of us have personal spreadsheet projects besides our changemaking spreadsheet projects. In this post, we use my Kitchen Utensils wishlist to dig into how to design a good spreadsheet (rows and columns) to capture the data of your dreams.