behind the seen

This catapulted Mrs. Dungee beyond simple accounting and into visionary/badass/changemaker territory. And of course - underscores lessons that I'm learning more and more every day - there is no such thing as "back office" in social movement organizations. All of our grievances - and all of our work - are connected.

from bus boycott to badass bureaucracy

The Montgomery Boycott lasted 382 days - and throughout that time, staff and volunteer leaders coordinated intricate carpools with 32 different stops, shepherding 40,000 people to their destinations. I want to learn the story of how they orchestrated such a sophisticated system, so I'm following a breadcrumb trail, and I'm going to share some of that story with you here.

call me, maybe vol ii

I gave myself the title of "Chief Problem Solver." It fit like a Croc. A little squishy, a little dorky, but most of all comfortable and with room to evolve. In this post, some behind the scenes process notes about a project to find the perfect call-forwarding system for a small-scale and super-impactful local nonprofit. Oh yeah, and "I'm" trying out writing in the third-person-epic style.