I started The Data Are Alright with a few concrete goals:

  • Help changemakers grow in their data-wrangling confidence and competence
  • Destroy impostor syndrome and underdog syndrome that keep changemakers from leveraging spreadsheets in our grassroots justice work
  • Inspire a sense of agency, empowerment and curiosity when a spreadsheet comes your way
  • Incorporate reflection into my database admin praxis
  • Have fun and use as many puns as possible!

Blogging is one way to accomplish those goals, but certainly not the only way! I work with clients as a consultant when there is a high degree of alignment between goals, project scale, capacity, skills and values.  As I also have a full time job, consulting hours are limited. Still, get in touch and I’ll either try to help or connect you with experts in my network who share my passion for social change and technology.

Working with me

Over the last few years, I have experimented with project based consulting (ie implementing a new system), coaching (ie 1:1 support and skill building), retainers (ie a designated number of hours each month to support your organization in your data goals), pro-bono consulting arrangements (free!), training series, shifting culture, and plain-old getting “un-stuck” together. Each organization, project, even person, does best with different approaches and I am happy to adapt and explore your needs together.

My rates

I believe that “industry best practices” #jargonalert should be available for grassroots social justice organizations of all shapes and sizes and I work hard to offer accessible consulting services. The going rate in my field ranges from $150-$200/hour, though my sliding scale typically ranges from $0-$120 depending on organization size, access to resources, and project scope.

For the sake of transparency, my “standard” rate is $92/hour. This is where I typically start the conversation, and then we go go from there to find a rate that works for all of us.

My specialties

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