webinar woes / poetic license

Here is my lessons and an invitation: the next time you host a webinar, consider including a poem or another thought provoking reading in the chat while you get logistics ironed out. Trust your audience to be patient while you fix the kinks. Perhaps they can learn as much from each other as from the presenters! It's ok to try again. Last but not least, answer texts from your mom!

smol, medium, large

Not knowing if a given scenario is easy or hard, or if there's an easier work-around to avoid a super-hard thing, feeds the overwhelm/impostor machine. It's so clarifying and liberating to just know what you're getting yourself into. PLUS, baby animal memes!

normalize, normalize

Believe me, I have complete understanding for why you might not want to tackle that data junk drawer. That being said, I believe there are friendly, empowering, efficient ways to move through a data cleaning process. The first step is a mindset shift from thinking "we have already failed at this aahhhhhhh!" to "this is a normal, friendly, empowering way to take good care of our community!" Let's normalize data cleanup so we don't have to normalize data.

breadcrumbs trail / matzo meal

I think it's a best practice to design ALL spreadsheets as if they will be manipulated by other people, which means leaving a strong "breadcrumbs trail" of your assumptions, formulas, variables, data sources, and more. In my case, it's a matzo meal trail until tomorrow evening when Passover ends and I will devour pizza with all my might!

shape shifter

From a downloaded file with weird fonts and titles, wacky colors, no wrapped text, superwide columns, and repeating header rows, I was able to create a useable, sortable, shareable, printable, filterable, not-make-you-want-to-throw-your-computer-out-the-window spreadsheet. And you know what the best part is? You can too!