digital self care vol iv

If I had taken my own advice, I would have thought, "tech problems are fixable! I should fix them ASAP so they don't drain my energy, and I get the benefits of having tech that works properly." Of course, I didn't. Read more about why you should invest in your own #DigitalSelfCare


You might be thinking... my org has a crummy data culture! We are crabby, confused, chaotic, critical, and resource-constrained! How do we get curious, collaborative, clear and celebratory? Read on for some tried and true strategies!

encountering a real, live Excel bug

I think I stumbled upon an Excel "bug" (gasp!!) when I was combining SUMIF formulas plus sorting alphabetically. @___@ This is a new one, grasshoppers and honeybees! Sit down, buckle in, and enjoy the ride - we're gonna get technical with some formulas and explore what to do when you get real confused.