encountering a real, live Excel bug

I think I stumbled upon an Excel "bug" (gasp!!) when I was combining SUMIF formulas plus sorting alphabetically. @___@ This is a new one, grasshoppers and honeybees! Sit down, buckle in, and enjoy the ride - we're gonna get technical with some formulas and explore what to do when you get real confused.

in memorial

When I really think about what we face, I feel outraged, exasperated and full of grief and rage. This year, I'm going to infuse my Memorial Day by remembering the people we've lost in the contemporary civil war for dignity, inclusion, and self-determination.

special invitation

Remember when I said I have something special up my sleeve? I'm finally ready to share it with you! I'm teaming up with my friend and collaborator Emily to offer a super, duper special (and free!) webinar about all things tech, spreadsheets, and mindsets. Register here for our webinar on May 16 at 4pm Eastern.