They say that when you’re carrying a fetus, you might have morning sickness and feel generally bleh during the first few months.  Well, besides recovering from a sinus surgery and breaking my arm, I’ve been feeling creative, audacious and optimistic while I’ve been bringing this baby blog into the world!

But more importantly, how do you feel?  Will you take this survey and help me gather some *DATA* about how I’m doing with the blog?  I’m giving myself 2 weeks to collect as many responses as possible.  Added bonus – I’ll be donating to the fantastic Media Mobilizing Project in honor of the first 25 survey responses.  Do you think we can get there in a week?  I do!

Here’s that survey link again:  (and don’t be shy about sharing it with your friends!  The more feedback, the better).

Retrospect is 20/20

I started with a few “think pieces” about why changemakers need good data and why the data aren’t alright in our movements, organizations, and campaigns.  I shared some success stories about data and restorative justice, a building a classroom seating chart, and building better “sign-in” sheets.  I created some tutorials, including: freezing rows, sum formulas, and “Excel for Organizers”.  I even took some bold positions about Body Mass Index (ugh) and why pie charts aren’t that bad.  Finally, I had the opportunity to partner with awesome organizations, like The Working Families Party and The Women’s March.  It’s been quite an exciting 3 months, yielding a whopping 20 blog posts!

Dear Spreadsheet Whisperer

Do you wish that I would write about that one nagging question or feature or platform that you keep getting stuck on?  You could wait for me to read your mind, OR you could write into the Dear Spreadsheet Whisperer advice column (modeled after Dear Sugar or Dear Abby) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (and sometimes, I’ll blog about it!).  You can see the Dear Spreadsheet Whisperer contact form at the top of the website.

The future is bright

There are so many directions I want to explore with TDAA, from data visualization to movement storytelling to interviews and book reviews **and more!!** – plus, I also want to keep serving up core spreadsheet advice.  So that’s where you come in!  How often should I publish blog posts?  What do you want to see?  Answer all that and more in this quick lil survey.  It’ll probably take you 3 minutes or less, but you’ll help a whole lot.

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