Duped, again!

Part 1 in a mini-series exploring the great, big world of “de-duping” - or, making sure that you don’t repeat the same information twice in a spreadsheet or database.   This post includes "instant-gratification" links to tried and true de-duping resources.

Turn it upside down!

However you do your work to turn our political system upside down, I hope you can make good use of this post, whether it's inspiration from the Purim story or the technical tips about rotating your data that most resonates with you. I've been doing movement work for long enough to know that we desperately need both!

One slice of data… a la mode!

I talk a lot about making meaning out of data-- that's what I want to support changemakers to be able to do!  Looking more closely at these student write-up records can help guide a strategy toward pursuing restorative justice and student growth and accountability.  My goal was to leap from 650 entries in the restorative justice discipline log to identifying trends and outliers, and using that information to recommend actions.