mixed messages

On one hand, data skills are impossible to learn (and we blame the individual).  On the other hand, companies tell us that advanced coding skills are easy to develop, 1, 2, 3!  How can these be true at the same time?  Who benefits from these messages?  It's classic capitalism doublespeak: make non-data people feel insignificant and intimidated, then sell us a solution to our problem. I call BULLSHIT on these dynamics and offer 8 tips for wrangling a sloppy spreadsheet that you can use right away!

a seat at the table

What should you do if the built in Excel Table Styles don't match your colors or preferences? Create a Custom Table Style, of course! Here's a post that walks you through the "how" and "why" to customize your table designs. Here's a hint- think about who else uses your spreadsheets besides just YOU! Come for the puns and stay for the data 🙂

strawberry shortcut cake

I wanted to share a set of tips that could supercharge ANY spreadsheet maker's work.  So what could be better than SHORTCUTS?  For repetitive functions, selecting cells, and navigating around a spreadsheet, keyboard shortcuts will make a heck of a difference. Here are 5 Excel shortcuts you shouldn't live without!