Remember when I said I have something special up my sleeve? I’m finally ready to share it with you! I’m teaming up with my friend and collaborator Emily (from Make Excel Work For You) to offer a super, duper special (and free!) webinar about all things tech, spreadsheets, and mindsets.


“Mindsets???” you might be thinking. Indeed! What other folks call a “positive attitude” or even a “mantra,” we’ve boiled down into mindsets. And we have 6 of them to share with you (plus one bonus, so 7 total!) because we think mindsets are the key to learning spreadsheets and punching “Impostor Syndrome” in the face. ;P

When? May 16, 4:00 PM, Eastern
How do I sign up? Click here!
Can I invite my friends? Yes please!

This collaboration has given me SO. MUCH. LIFE and I can’t wait to introduce all of you to Emily! We’ve gone through many, many iterations of story telling, ideas, perspectives, insights, existential angst (ok, half kidding here). It’s so cool to work with someone who’s ideas are so deeply in alignment and yet we also have different strengths. Ok, enough gushing. Back to mindsets.

At first, we wanted to build a webinar with spreadsheet and tech tips – after all, that’s what brought us together as collaborators. But before too long, we realized that we can’t teach every trick in the book and pro-actively prevent our communities from ever “falling down the tech rabbithole.” What we CAN do is introduce stories, resilience tactics, and mindsets that have been supportive for US as we’ve gotten into the nonprofit tech world – share successes in the hopes of highlighting your inner sparkle and the unique change-making, problem-solving perspectives that YOU bring to tech problems.

I really hope you’ll choose to attend the webinar and share this announcement with your friends and co-conspirators. This is new – and exciting – and I want to share all of it with the TDAA community!

7 thoughts on “special invitation

  1. Hi Samantha! I really want to attend but have another obligation that I can’t postpone at that time. Will there be a way to view a recording afterwards? Should I register anyway? I didn’t want to take up a spot if registration is limited.

  2. Hi, Samantha! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and for coordinating this webinar. Unfortunately, I did not find you until after the session. Could you please share the recording with me?
    Thank you!
    – Karen

  3. Just discovered your webinar through the Philadelphia Nonprofit User Group. Any chance, I could access the recording?

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