For continuation of this classic poem, seeĀ i hate Outlook email, pt 2!

Dear Outlook Calendar, I hate you
It’s impossible to tell when tasks are due

Every time I book a room
You tell me someone’s event looms

Unless of course I forget to book it
You’ll never remind me to take a look at it

Guest invitations are even worse
I’d go so far as to say, “a pain in the “arse””

I prepared all week for an important meet
Only to realize my guests had no seats

The meeting invite they had previously refused
Didn’t pop up when I had it moved

I have 3 advanced professional certs
But somehow this Cal brings out my worst

This whole ordeal is good for my humility
Please treat my calendar invites with charity

I learned that if you have nothing nice to say
You should keep it to yourself and move on with your day

But that’s the polar opposite of blogging
and Outlook Cal deserves a good flogging!!!

My future is bright, I hope and I pray
As long as Outlook Calendar goes away

Salesforce and Google are up to the task
Please, please, don’t let this last

I’ve been at this job for close to a year
and it’s Outlook cal that makes me swear

This program is a piece of shit
my kryptonite, i must admit

Colleagues, I apologize in advance
Outlook, no, but I can handle grants.

Now I’m back to writing documentation
instead of blogging about my frustration

If you, too, hate Outlook dates
Comment here so we can commiserate!

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